The Privilege of The Sex and Other Stories
by Pat Bryan

I'm pleased to be able to tell you that Writer's Club Press have finally published a completely new book by Jeffery Farnol, called "The Privilege of The Sex and Other Stories".

So how come there's a new book from Jeffery Farnol who's been dead for 50 years? Simple, says I. It's a collection of previously unpublished stories or early stories that were never before collected in book form, that I came across during my research for the Farnol biography.

Most of this material is from very early days, and represents the sort of story he was selling around the turn of the last century. One or two of the poems are from personal letters to his second wife, Phyllis and their daughter, Jane, while some of the articles are from leading British newspapers of the '20s, '30s and '40s.

I think Farnol fans will enjoy reading some of his work that is, in one way, very different from his usual run of books, and yet still exhibits his ability to paint a word picture of different events.

Pat Bryan


It's available online at or, or, if you wanted to order it through your favourite book retailer or library, it's ISBN# 0-595-23421-6, the publisher is Writer's Club Press.


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