I have just received, thanks to the kindness of Mark Blanchard, copies of a short piece composed by Aaron Copland (perhaps most famous for his ballet and suite "Appalachian Spring", although he wrote film scores, songs and a myriad of other compositions). I don't know how Mark does it, but he is indefatigable in his research over the 'net, and comes up with the most unusual connections.

The composition is entitled "Melancholy. A Song a la Debussy" and was composed on September 14, 1917, so Copland would have been only 17 when he did this. A note on the ms reads:

"Words from Chapter XIV of "Beltane the Smith" by Jeffery Farnol."

This is, in fact, the first verse of the song by Sir Jocelyn, The Rueful Knight of the Burning Heart, which starts "Alack and woe, That love is so Akin to pain...."

The Library of Congress held a Copland exhibition in 2000 to celebrate the centenary of Copland's birth (he died in 1990), and Mark somehow managed to wheedle these copies from them.

I have tried to scan the cover so that it can be seen on the Forum, but it is written lightly in pencil over musical ms paper, and I can't seem to get enough separation for it to register. I'll keep trying though, and hopw to be able to post it to the website soon.



Since my musical ability is confined to playing on the linoleum when a child, I have asked the organist at our church if he will play the composition for me, and I'll try and tape it. It looks very short, but seems to have lots of triple and quadruple notes and arpeggios or whatever they are, so I am hoping it will be quite delightful to hear.

Pat Bryan ( in post 1408 to the Farnol Forum)



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