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Peter Bunkle

Peter Bunkle

"80 years ago when writing Sir John Dering he used names of the village folk he knew when staying in Alfriston. There is somewhere a superb photo of the real Bunkle dressed as the earlier book Bunkle leaning against the old village cross. Hunt as I may I have been quite unable to find it for you but am still hoping." - Jane Farnol Curtis, September 2001 ( letter to Pat Bryan ).

Then a copy turned up, kindly provided by Robert Hill

Google Street View

" Why, I'm no' juist solitary, John lad. I hae my company for a crack now an' then and to smoke a pipe wi' of an evening ; there's Geordie Potter an' Peter Bunkle, an' Joe Pursglove an' Joe Muddle, an' ane or two mair. So y' see I'm no' juist solitary."


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